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  1. strathclydeunioccupation said

    Following the rally and demo at 2pm today, we are currently occupying the registry hall in McCance Building. There are 60 people sitting-in in the university’s administrative building. The group includes members of Action Palestine, the Libyan Society and Sumsa, as well as individuals. There is also a growing number of people supporting our demands, from outside the McCance building. This includes members of Glasgow university stop the war group. We currently have five delegates in discussion with the Principal of the university.

    Please check back here for an update.

  2. To the student Palestine solidarity organisations,
    We wish to extend our congratulations and solidarity to your campus organisation. We students from Melbourne take great inspiration from your actions – and in many cases your success in forcing your university to divest from Israel and provide real support and opportunities for Palestinians. It is particularly welcome to see that the student campaign for Palestinian rights has escalated, drawing in new universities. As Sharpville was an event that forced the birth of the movement of international solidarity against apartheid South Africa, we sincerely hope that the brutality of Israel’s attack on Gaza has a similar outcome – to galvanise the international campaign for Palestinian rights.
    Students for Gaza is a cross-campus network located in Melbourne, Australia. We have representatives from Melbourne, La Trobe, Monash, Victoria, Swinburne and RMIT universities – all of the major campuses in the state. The student year in Australia begins this week, and we have been busy building up for it. At a number of the campuses we had large meetings of Students for Gaza/Palestine groups in the Orientation weeks. Our main focus for the next few weeks is to organise Palestine Solidarity Weeks on all campuses (events are being organised throughout Australia). This week is to be used to raise awareness of Palestinians rights. It begins on March 30, known as Land Day – a traditional day of commemoration for the struggle for Palestinian rights.
    Many of our student unions have passed motions against Israel’s attack on Gaza. We include the motion passed by the RMIT student union, which contains a call on staff and students to engage in boycott of Israeli academic institutions as part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.
    We wish you luck in your campaign,
    Students for Gaza/Palestine, Melbourne Australia

    RMIT Student Union Motion:
    The RMIT Student Union strongly condemns the Israeli government’s recent war on the Palestinian people of the Gaza strip. The RMITSU mourns the death of over 1,300 Palestinians who have fallen victim to the violence of the Israeli Defence Forces, and expresses particular outrage at the use of the chemical white phosphorous on civilian populations. The RMITSU calls for an immediate end to the continued bombing of the Gaza Strip, and an end to the 2-year blockade of Gaza’s borders to allow the passage of food, fuel and medical supplies. The RMITSU offers its solidarity to those in Palestine suffering from the Israeli government’s alleged war crimes, and to all concerned students in Australia affected by the war.
    The RMITSU expresses grave concern at the stance taken by the Australian Federal Government, and calls on the Prime Minister to immediately condemn the Israeli government’s atrocities in Gaza.
    The RMITSU is particularly appalled at what appears to be the calculated bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza and numerous other educational institutions, many operated by the UN. The RMITSU supports the call for an imposition of an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions issued on December 29 by the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees. The RMIT Student Union calls on students and staff of RMIT University to engage in the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israeli academic institutions, recently called by the University Teachers’ Association-Palestine, whose headquarters were bombed by the Israeli military.
    The RMITSU further asserts that any legitimate ceasefire must include provision for opening the borders into Gaza, a complete withdrawal of Israeli military forces, and a complete cessation of Israeli government military aggression.
    The RMIT Student Union calls for the Israeli government to lift the blockade of Gaza’s borders and allow the passage of all food, fuel and medical supplies.

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