Glasgow Uni students begin occupation

February 10, 2009

As of 2pm today, around 60 students are occupying the top floor of the Computer Science building at Glasgow University. For full reports from inside the occupation please go to…

The students of the Strathclyde Uni occupation were coincidentally meeting at the same time as the GU comrades’ action began. Our feelings of solidarity and inspiration were completely unanimous. Later, SU students joined others from GU and beyond in demonstrating our support outside the Computer Science facility.

A comment on the circumstances: Our occupation suffered serious obstacles, such as an inital over-reaction by security staff, the prinicpal absenting himself to go for a curry, and our having to go through 3 rounds of negotiations. But Glasgow Uni’s decision makers have gone even further in their use of unacceptable tactics. Not only were diffculties encountered in trying to pass small quantities of food and blankets to our friends, but at one point they were trying to stop medicines from getting through!

Despite the authorities’ cheap tricks, the students of the Occupation remain defiant and determined.

The struggle continues…


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