Students march out victorious

February 5, 2009

Following the overnight continuation of our occupation and a hugely succesful solidarity rally on the steps of the McCance, University of Strathclyde Principal Andrew Hamnett has conceded the following:

“1. We will not place any further orders with Eden Springs for operational reasons.

2. Funds for 1-3 scholarships.

3. Co-operation between students and management in posting Gaza Appeal on campus. Link on Uni website advertising Gaza Appeal.

4. Press Release reiterating Strath Uni longstanding relationship with the University of Gaza.”

We have also secured the uni’s commitment to a public debate between representatives of BAE Systems and anti-war student activists, on the weapons manufacturers’ ethical credentials and whether the talents of our engineering students should be used for BAE’s benefit.

We consider this a victory and have already done a lap of the uni in celebration. We are simultaneously elated, exhausted and looking ahead to the battles to come. The struggle must continue until BAE is evicted from Strathclyde and freedom and justice is secured for the people of Palestine.

Today we have taken a tiny step towards the final victory.

Solidarity forever,

The Strathclyde Uni Occupation


10 Responses to “Students march out victorious”

  1. […] solidarity with the people of Gaza, and as efforts toward an academic boycott gain renewed force, students at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland have just emerged proclaiming victory from their overnight liberation and a solidarity […]

  2. welshboi said

    Well done folks, hopefully this will inspire students at other universities in the city and beyond to take action!

  3. […] won several important victories today and have ended the […]

  4. Anna said

    Well done everyone! That’s brilliant! We’ve managed to move forward with our voices being heard.

  5. Well done for a successful occupation.
    Do you have any more information about the occupation at Dundee? Are there any contact details or a website for the occupation there?


  6. whoevaur said

    congrats guys!! you’ve done a fantastic job 😀

  7. […] University declare victory – the University authorities agreed to funds for scholarships, a place for the Gaza humanitarian […]

  8. Friends of Palestine said

    Wow. Pretty big concessions. Are you still carrying on with the occupation then?

  9. Engineering Student said

    I’ve just read in the university paper that you actually got this put through. I’m impressed!

    and pissed off!

    “whether the talents of our engineering students should be used for BAE’s benefit.”

    I resent the implication that it is any of your business where the students of this university choose to work.

    BAE employs 300 graduates a year, a great many from strathclyde and you self righteous ignoramuses have put our university’s engineering graduates in an embarrassing position.

    As for the ethics. BAE is a weapons manufacturer because there is (sadly) a demand for weapons. Morality does not come into it. The deployment of those weapons comes down to the Israeli government.

    What happened at the AGM was not democracy, it was a show trial. The AGM was announced by email 3 hours and 48 minutes before it began. How very George Bush of you all…

    The sad fact is this farce will do ABSOLUTELY nothing to help the people of Palestine. All you have managed to do is disadvantage your fellow students while giving you middle-class wannabe working class heros a witch to burn.

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