Occupation continues overnight

February 4, 2009

After some negotiations with the Secretary of Strathclyde University, the Stop the War group,  Action Palestine, the Libyan Society, some students from SUMSA and independent people have decided to continue occupying the McCance Buidling.

People have been in the building all night, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The university management merely made vague promises on some of our demands, but it was stongly felt that it would be frutiless to stand down now. Other universities have had all of their demands met, including Dundee this morning who had every single demand met.

1) Cancel the contract with Eden Springs- management claimed never to have heard of our protest and said that they would look in to this in 2 weeks at a management meeting. We propose that a management meeting is convened a lot sooner.

2) Refuse BAE funding and invesigate alternative sources of funding for the Engineering Department. – Management will not even consider a proposed review of funding.

3) Fund and facilitate 50 scholarships for Palestinian students. – Management have said that they will consider this, although claim that the university do not have sufficient funds. Strathclyde university have, in fact, had a surplus in the bank for nine of the past ten years.

4) Solidarity with the Islamic University of Gaza: write a letter of support; twin Strathclyde with the university, and aid in its rebuilding – Managment did consider this.

5) Condemn the BBC for not showing the DEC appeal; show the appeal in lecture theatres and organise a fundraising day on campus.

6) Oppose Israeli academics who promote military research on campus. – Management said they would “look in to this.”

We need as much support as possible right now!

Please also see occupations.org.uk and the pulsemedia and indymedia articles!


6 Responses to “Occupation continues overnight”

  1. […] facebook group can be found here, and some pictures here. There are also the beginnings of a blog here. The following is their list of demands. Do visit their facebook group and blog and give them your […]

  2. paulv said

    Fraternal greetings from Tower Hamlets Respect Branch
    Viva Palestina!

  3. paulv said

    Fraternal greetings from Tower Hamlets Respect branch.

  4. Mary said

    Great work guys!

  5. After reading through the article, I feel that I need more information on the topic. Could you suggest some resources please?

  6. strathclydeunioccupation said

    Sure – check out Scientists for Global Responsibility at http://www.sgr.org.uk
    http://www.stopwar.org.uk for some articles
    Not sure what information you are specifically looking for, but email us on anothereducationispossible@gmail.com if you like!

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