February 4, 2009

Following a rally and demo which started at 2pm on Wednesday 04/02/2009, a large number of University of Strathclyde students are occupying the registry hall in McCance Building. There are 60 people sitting-in in the university’s administrative building. The group includes members of Action Palestine, the Libyan Society, Stop the War, Malaysian Society and SUMSA, as well as many individuals.

Go to tinyurl.com/strathclydeoccupation for some photos.


4 Responses to “Occupation”

  1. Cat Grant said

    Well done and keep it up!

    If they don’t give us any justice, we won’t give them any peace!


  2. Yes, big respect to the occupation !
    (Different one likesay !)

  3. anti said

    Well done everyone!

    This wave of direct action should – and will – reach out the rest of the universities in Scotland soon.

  4. Right On Brothers and Sisters! Those standing with the people of Gaza and all the Palestinians are the honour, conscience and intelligence of our society.
    Viva!Viva!Viva Gaza!
    Victory to the Intifada!

    Solidarity from Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!/Revolutionary Communist Group

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